Monday, February 9, 2009

I've always relied on the kindness of strangers...

Actually that is extremely untrue. I've always been skeptical of the kindness of strangers, at least since the "don't take candy from the nice man, he probably wants to kidnap and murder you" talks back in first grade. But sometimes, strangers impress me.

For example: My swap partner has officially flaked (sometimes my skepticism is very, very founded.) However, a bunch of nice people who have already sent their swap gifts have stepped up to cover the void left by the handful of Flakey McFarters, and so I will get a package (or several small packages from different people) after all. And that is very nice of them :-)

And another: A while ago, somebody messaged me on Ravelry saying they'd seen on a wishlist in the RAK (random acts of kindness) group that I was collecting scraps of Malabrigo (for colorwork and other small projects). She promised to poke through her collection and send a few things my way. I'd all but forgotten about this offer until this showed up at my door today:

Holy friggin crap! That's not "a few scraps", that's a big ole' box of Christmas!

Some of them are practically whole skeins. Wild. Only the dog was around to see my face, but I'm sure it was hilarious.

In any case, I now feel terribly behind on my RAK-ing. I'll have to go through some wishlists tonight so I can pay it forward. But also, since this yarn was free, any and all patterns I make with it will be free as well (though I can't promise I'll use it all for designing... there's a pattern or two I've got my eye on.) So keep an eye out. Malabrigo fun for all! Wooo!

I am a bit worried about my Moo cards, though... anyone know if post from England is slow these days?


  1. Post from the UK is normally pretty fast.. I recently received something in 2 days! (to the west coast and everything!)

  2. OH MAN! You're so lucky!! I'm definitely gonna check out that group; I have a lot of destashing to do and I love to send presents :D

  3. Being on the sending end of post from the UK, I can tell you sometimes it's excruciatingly slow. Usually pretty quick, but a few of the packages I've sent lately have taken nearly two weeks to reach their destination.

    The PO told me two days ago that normal first class takes 5-7 working days. (And costs a buttload, I should add.)


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