Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A beautiful thing

Let no one say that I haven't done my part for our nation's children.

If they want to say that I'm gluttonous and unhealthy....well, you'll probably have to let them get away with that. (But to be fair, that's a year's supply, and they're mostly in the freezer now. I'm not THAT bad...)

Also, some pretty stuff:

I'm very out of practice, things aren't much coming out even. I'm ok with it, though. The roving is Abstract Fiber's "Chartreuse", from Abundant Yarn & Dyeworks. I seem to be crazy about this color combination lately, even though it's kind of a weird one (see my Twistini Mahayana Flying Gloves. Of course, they're just different enough that they don't quite match each other. Phooey.)


  1. Mmmmm girl scout cookies. Someone in my office has a sign up sheet to get some, so I got a box, and they HAVEN'T COME YET.

    And your yarn is so pretty. I am amazed that you do that. What skill. I want to rub my face on it a little :)

  2. Those colors are just great together!!!


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