Saturday, February 14, 2009

Aww yay

(please excuse the horribly colored night time photo. Sigh.)

So my Valentine's swap angel package got here today (right on time) and it is super lovely :-) Highlights include: handdyed yarn (very much my color, too), home-brewed lotion (oh god do I need it), cozy felty mittens, and some chocolate bars I haven't tried yet (including a white one, oh joy of joys!!) The dog is pretty fond of the crazy chicken-slice treats, the scraps will be added to my ever-growing pile of sock yarn scraps (I will HAVE that barn raising quilt one of these days! Or someone will, anyway) and that tide pen would've come in handy last week when I exploded peanut sauce all over my pants :-P (a klutz's best friend, no?)

Hooray! Thank you Valentine angel person! (Would that make them a cupid?)


  1. Beautiful package! What a great Valentine's Day gift.

  2. try drawing on a dark t-shirt with the bleach pen, it makes awesome dye discharge! (put cardboard inside first)

  3. I've seen those! They're cool. I don't think this is bleach, though... just stain remover.


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