Monday, February 2, 2009

Attack of the Socktopus!*

(And not the cute kind, either.)

I, unlike seemingly the rest of the knitting world, actually LIKE dpns. I like working with a jumble of dainty little needles. I like how they look, and their lack of tentacle-like cords. I rarely poke myself. But I thought it was time to learn, for learnings sake, some other ways of making small diameter objects. I already know (a slightly messy form of) magic loop, having stumbled upon it myself years ago in order to finish hats without the correct size dpn. It is messy because I don't keep super long needles around, and so I use a size 16, and usually divide the mess into three parts instead of two, but the same principles apply. It's alright for finishing hats but involves much too much reshuffling of stitches for me to want to do it for a entire sock.

So I thought I'd try the two circ method, the main draw of which is the fact that I can knit two things at the same time, thus eliminating second sock (or glove, or whatever) syndrome and being sure not to run out of yarn. I wanted to try it with one thing, first, though, so I moved this sock over from it's dpns for a trial run:

(These have been in the works for a while, but they keep getting bumped for new projects. The red is Madelinetosh in Ox Blood, the orange is Koigu, and the green is Jitterbug. I like semisolid jewel tones, can you tell?)

I have to say, even though it's still more needle-shuffling and tentacle-wrangling than I prefer, it IS decreasing the ladders between needles that I normally have some trace of (I'm pretty good about it, especially at larger gauges, but they still turn up in socks just a tad. Especially in ribbing.) Also more portable, possibly, since it's much harder for stitches to fall off a 24 inch circ.

So then I decided to try the two-fer.

For some reason my other size 7 Addi's are missing, so my first problem is probably the over-coiled piece of crap plastic cord that I'm dealing with, but I had a hellish time casting on. I think in the future, if I continue doing this, I'll cast on with dpns and then slip them onto the needles in the proper configuration. Now that I've got a couple inches, it's much smoother. Working from opposite ends of a centerpull ball has the benefit of, well, one ball...but it's a bit tangly. Might use two next time. Hmm.

I'm torn. It was a pain in the ass to set up, and I don't really think it's going any faster, and there's a hell of a lot of needle-juggling... BUT BOTH ARE HAPPENING AT THE SAME TIME!

Maybe the answer is to get two sets of dpns and alternate. I don't know.

In other news: Look, Travis finished his scarf!

Awww. He left that wad at the end there (he'd cast on too many and we ditched them early on) for some sort of sentimental reasons. Otherwise it's a damn good garter stitch scarf. He caught all his mistakes as he made them, and either fixed them himself or brought them to me. Looks a lot better than my first :-/

And speaking of Travis, his dear parents sent us some gorgeous bowls in a neat little split shoebox thingy which I have appropriated in order to finally complete my mini-bar masterpiece on the mantel

I kept saying I was going to get a spicerack for them, but it hasn't happened. The shadowbox effect is nice though. Ahem.

*Strictly speaking, it cannot be a socktopus, since the acid yellow thingies are destined to be legwarmers. But we are not speaking strictly.


  1. You're not alone - I think I prefer dpns most of the time, only using circs for bigger circumference items. But the idea of getting both socks done at the same time is certainly appealing...

    Also, I really like the semi-solid jewel tones - I working on a cowl with some right now!

  2. I also really like dps over circulars, and have been known to delay switching to circulars until half the stitches have fallen off my dps when working circular shawls.

    I like the idea of knitting two socks at once, but so far have knit them one at a time. The second one goes faster for me, because I already know the pattern, and really want to wear the socks once I've finished the first.


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