Tuesday, January 27, 2009


So here is the stuff I dyed the other day, with brief notes mostly for my own use (though if they come in handy for anyone else's dyeing, that's great too.)
Brace yourself, this one's going to be picture heavy.

"Some Kind of Purple Flower"
128yd, 106g, Wiltons, Recycled light pink wool

"Trendy Teenage Vampire Drama"
58yd, 53g, Wiltons, Lamb's Pride Bulky in Victorian something

"Tequila Sunrise"
164yd, 136g, Wiltons, Recycled light pink wool

162yd, 140g, Wiltons + McCormick, Recycled light pink wool

60yd, 51g, Easter egg dye + Wiltons, Lamb's Pride Bulky

"Sugar Coma"
124yd, 47g, Easter egg dye, Lion Fisherman's Wool

130yds, 52g, Wiltons, Lion Fisherman's Wool

"Quite Red"
56yds, 52g, Wiltons, Lamb's Pride

58yds, 52g, Wiltons, Lamb's Pride

102yds, 39g, Wiltons, Lion Fisherman's Wool

"Peritwinkle 2: Electric Boogaloo"
121yds, 48g, Wiltons and poss. McCormicks, Lion Fisherman's Wool

58yds, 23g, Easter egg dye + Wiltons, Lion Fisherman's Wool

Notes for future reference: You need more than one tablet of the easter egg dye to dye even a small skein fully. Probably not worth it.

I also overdyed the ugly skein from last time, but I still think it's ugly, so I'm just going to keep throwing black at it until something I like comes out. Or it turns black. Which is fine. I ordered some tags from Moo so that I can start selling yarn eventually, though I might just play around with these for a while and see how the color holds up. I wish I had an extra kitchen for acid dyes. Shucks.


  1. have you tried using kool-aid? it makes a decent dye and you can use it with your regular kitchen stuff. this is probably old news for you, but it's fun and fruity!

  2. I have, but I've heard that it fades even faster than the other food dyes (the Wilton's and McCormick's that I'm using.) People seem to have a lot of mixed experiences with Wilton's, some say it doesn't fade much, some say it does... I'm just wary of selling anything that might fade D-:

  3. Beautiful - I especially like your names.

    Wondering if you wouldn't PLEASE reconsider writing up a pattern for your thrummed slippers??!! (or adding more detailed info to that blog posting) it's sooo cold in here and they look very toasty!

    Thanks for considering,


  4. Honestly, they haven't held up well at all. I recommend looking up a pattern for slippers that you like and then looking up a thrumming tutorial. Heck, you could just knit a pair of oversized ankle socks.

    All I did was start at the toe with very few stitches, increase around (like the top of a hat kind of) until it was wide enough to go around my foot, knit like that until it reached my ankle, bound off about 1/3 of the stitches, knit the rest flat and then sewed up the ankle. But they've stretched out horrible. They really need to be felted or something.


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