Saturday, January 10, 2009


It's been an exciting few days.

I saw Jared Flood talk at the Ace Hotel the other night, which was pretty cool. He's pretty adorable, and he gave me an idea or two regarding my photography (though the real moral is still "Live in a place with natural light,") and showed us a few upcoming designs which are OMGBEAUTIFUL (be excited.)

(I smell coffee. Weird.)

Also got to see Leethal's new super-neat scarf in person, since she was there as well. It's always a little weird running into people you know of from the internet - I'm a big blog reader, and I read a lot of the local ones, so this happens to me from time to time. Obviously you like their work and probably think they're kinda cool, or you wouldn't be reading their blogs, but there is really no un-creepy way to say "Oh hi, Name. How's the recentproject/pet/husband/newapartment?" to somebody who has no idea who you are. Even though I know I'd just be excited that somebody reads my blog, I generally stay quiet and awkward.

At least in the case of BrooklynTweed, everyone there was a creepy blogostalker.

I've also started my training at Twisted, which so far is pretty delightful. It's a very cozy, happy, yarny place to work. (And while we're talking about famous-on-the-internet, I work with Star Athena, of Quant fame.)

I will also be helping teach a bunch of classes with another designer/alum-of-my-school (hi Amanda!) for my school's special week of random workshops (ie, Paideia.) So that's exciting too. They've been in the works for a while but they were finally confirmed and scheduled.

It's like the internet is coming to life! WHOOAAA.

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