Sunday, January 11, 2009

Oh My

So I sort of stupidly ordered this pile of Malabrigo about a week before I got the job at Twisted (where they, you know, SELL Malabrigo) so I feel a little silly...but I don't think we have these exact colors in these types just right now, so I'll try to feel less silly.

'Cause they're pretty lovely.

Mariposa (in the worsted)

Turner, in their new sock yarn, which I haven't tried yet.

And check this out:

See that "test product only" stamp? You know what that means? It means I'm SPECIAL. (Or at least that I ordered from a special supplier.) This is their new "Dos" in Terracotta, and I'm loving it already. All the softness, double the ply, about half the weight. And interestingly, labeled in grams instead of ounces like the others. Sometimes this company seems a little bit all over the place, but I like 'em anyway :-)

I take that back. It might actually be SOFTER than the merino worsted. It is labeled "baby merino," so take that as you will.

Also, meet my new best friend:

YES IT'S A CHEESY VALENTINE'S HOT WATER BOTTLE. They didn't have normal ones but who cares. This might be a very old ladyish purchase, but these things are awesome. They warm up your toes!! Very important!!

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  1. MMMMMalabrigo! I love it! Your water bottle is so much fancier (in the best way!) than the utilitarian ones I've seen around here.


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