Friday, January 16, 2009


So I managed to work at a yarn store for about a week without buying anything, but the seal's been broken now.

It's Yarntini Merino Sport in a colorway called "Twistini", which, I figured out AFTER I bought it, is a color dyed specifically for our store. You can't get it anywhere else, and we can't do mail orders of Yarntini, so you actually have to COME TO THE STORE to get it.

Also this was the last one in stock.

So I think I chose well :-P

Also, Sox Stix! The vintage metal dpns I've been using just aren't as nice as rosewood.

Now if only my yarn winding muscles weren't all twitchy... (I am going to have a big Popeye right arm eventually, I think. Heh.)

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