Sunday, January 25, 2009

My apartment smells like pickled sheep

Hmm, I wonder why.

I'll go over these in more detail once they're dried and reskeined. There is a healthy blend of Wilton's, McCormicks, and easter egg pellets in there.

In other news, I finished my Mahayana Flying Gloves, made out of this Twistini. I did them at a different gauge (on size 3's) so the numbers are all changed, but otherwise I didn't really make many modifications, besides an extra repeat on the fingers and one less on the wrist (it's rare that I use someone else's pattern without butchering it.) Love the pattern, really love the stitch pattern. Keep an eye out, it'll be on some hats any day now. Quite pleased with the gloves, even though they're a little long for typing and currently tripping me up a bit. I have over half the skein of the yarn left too, and no idea what to do with it (it is so great to have a scale to tell me that. Woohoo!)

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