Monday, January 19, 2009

Get me away from here, I'm dyeing

(All those rejected yarn names will be fine blog post titles.)

So, I dyed a little today. And not in the overdramatic way.

This one, which I call "Wormapple", because naming things is fun, is 300 yards of recycled cashmere:

It didn't come out the color I was going for at all, but I quite like the result anyway.

There was another skein of the cashmere but it turned out rather hideous (I went for neon, but it's too washed out, so it just looks like crap) and will live to (be) dye(d) another day.

The other three in that first picture are overdyed skeins of commercial yarns, the first being some Malabrigo Silky Merino in Bosques, a black and white-ish colorway

I tossed it in to use up some blue-green dyewater, but it actually managed to make it DARKER (to be fair I did add a few more droplets, but I think the black leaked off too)

(mmm yarn stew.)

So I tossed in two skeins of Lorna's Laces in Watercolor (a weird muted rainbow- the last two skeins in the picture). They barely changed at all...they're just slightly bluer now. They may also be dyed again, I don't know. The rainbow just seemed to busy for socks, and if I could darken/mute it some more, I might deem it usable.

But this one, I quite like:

The same wool as the first batch... the first picture is more accurate. I call it Shiny Happy Merpeople. This one might actually get sold, we'll see. I'm looking into buying some tags. Wormapple would be sold too if I hadn't already bonded with it. This is going to be like that idea I had about selling handspun. You know, the one where I knit it all instead.


  1. They are quite lovely colours, especially Shiny Happy Merpeople. Also, I thoroughly enjoy your puns!

  2. I LOVE Wormapple!
    I think it would be great if you could part with some of those skeins... but it's understandable if you love it all too much to sell.

  3. Very nice colors but somehow I don't think that's what Le Creuset had in mind.
    Please visit a yard sale ASAP and get yourself a cheap stainless steel pot for dying yarn. Then use the orange one to cook something yummy....I hope the food doesn't turn a shade of blue/green-gray.

  4. One of Le Creuset's big selling points is that they don't stain, and since they heat evenly, they're pretty dang perfect for dyeing :-P

    And so far, they haven't stained or turned any food weird colors, don't worry.


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