Sunday, January 4, 2009

Ahhh, Organization

Cheap bookshelves are my heroes.

(I took this this morning, it's much fuller now. And my desk area much, much emptier. Check out the thrift store "painting".)

It is worth mentioning that right now, this is my ENTIRE STASH*, minus some stuff I just unraveled from old sweaters for dyeing, a bag full of other stuff to be overdyed, and some cashmere and Handmaiden Camelspin I have in jars on the mantel to keep them extra safe (plus they're pretty.) Not so bad, I think. Definitely tackle-able. I am quite pleased to have achieved my dream of putting everything on display, so I can tell what I have at a glance and stop rummaging around in grubby bins, tangling everything up. Plus it's nice to look at, and relatively safe from moths since it's out in open air.

* Entire Portland stash. Now, if we want to talk about the bins of yarn at my parent's place in Michigan....but we don't. We don't want to talk about those bins. Hush.

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