Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Step 9: Take stock of your scraps

(I am still on 7 and will be there for approximately ever, but let's keep pushing on anyway.)

Remember that box of scraps? You should have been adding to it this whole time. Now it's time to figure out what you've got.

Sort your little scrappy balls by color, weight, fiber...whatever you think is useful. You may want to grab a niddy-noddy and figure out what kind of yardage you have in these little balls, or you can just wing it. Whatever. Just sort and paw through and see what you've got, similar to step 3, only with a little baby version of your previous stash.


  1. i made your maner!
    it's so beautiful, the only thing is that i made it with size 8 needles, beacause i have a big head, and i had the right size yarn! it's only acrylic, but it does the job!!!

    you rock!

  2. Cool, glad you liked it! I know my size is a little small for some people so going up a needle size is probably not a bad idea.

    I'm from Chelsea, right up the road from Adrian :-) (I peeked at your profile)


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