Monday, December 1, 2008

Step 8: Re-evaluate

I wish I could provide you guys pictures for these last steps but I am so far away from doing them that it's ridiculous.

Anyway- once you knit up all the projects you have assigned, put all your scraps back in that scrap bin/bag that I mentioned a long time ago, and whip out the rest of your unused yarn. Hopefully you've been saving patterns for this day, and you're ready to re-assign. This time, start googling and Ravelry-ing to see if you can find the perfect use for it, if you don't have one handy. If you can't find a purpose for it, consider ditching it. Seriously. If you really can't find anything you'd like to use it for, what are the chances that this magical perfect project will show up anytime in the future? Give it to someone who wants it more.

So yes. Re-assign, and knit that stuff too. When you're done with this, all you should have left is scraps, and we'll deal with those next.

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