Friday, December 5, 2008

Step 10: Knit your scraps

So now you have to use the scraps - time to be inventive. Striped projects are your friend! Small projects too. Make bracelets, make change purses, make rings!

Here are a few patterns that might be useful, but remember, if you have enough of anything in a particular weight, you can do a larger project, just striped instead of solid. Very easy that way.

Scrap Happy Scarf (There's a crochet version too)
Felted Noro Scrap Bag
Mini Mitten Ornaments
Oh Balls!
Scrap Happy Celebration Hat
Knitted Ornaments
Scrappy Stripey Scarf
Easter Eggs
Thrifty Critter
Band Cuffs
Pin cushion

There are a ton more. Do a pattern search on Ravelry for "Scraps" or "Stripes" and a lot will come up...

Good luck!

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