Sunday, December 14, 2008

It snowed.

I am a Michigan girl. Snow is no big deal for me. However, snow IS a big deal for Portland, especially this early in the season. Travis had the day off work. Our apartment parking lot/driveway is unplowed and unsalted, and extremely icy. No real idea if they'll do anything about it, and it's not supposed to warm up very soon. We live down the hill from the main road, which I'm sure IS plowed, but I just don't feel very good about trying to get up to it. There are no grocery stores within walking distance, and as we are the "buy little and often" sorts, that is a bad thing. I'm dangerously low on soy milk and dog food. I have an exams on Wednesday and Thursday mornings and a flight at 6 am Friday (current prediction- freezing rain).

So...snow kind of sucks. I really hope it warms up, or at least stops snowing so Portland's Only Salt Truck can catch up.

But it certainly is pretty.


  1. And then there was the year that there was some sort of city wide heating/power issue. They realized that the college was one large chunk they could shut down easily. So the school closed classes, we doubled up in rooms and played in the snow.

    But it is funny to watch these NW cities shut down over less than 2 inches.

  2. They turned off the HEAT? Is that even legal??

    The school is still open, which is bad for me since it means finals won't be cancelled even though I can't get to them. Hopefully stuff will have cleared up by Wednesday :-/ I don't mind driving in snow, but I live down a hill and it's all icy.


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