Friday, December 12, 2008

I got some new toys.

Can you guess what they are? I'll give you a hint- those were in skein form an hour ago.

The funny (or sad, maybe, I don't know) thing is that I don't even like how yarn cakes look. I much prefer handwound balls. But I'm getting dangerously close to a time when Selling-On-Etsy-To-Pay-Da-Billz might become a reality and I feel like I should embrace crafting efficiency in all it's forms. And it's kind of fun. Really, aesthetics only really matter when it's all knit up or when it's in the hank at the store and you're trying to figure out if you want to blow a bunch of money on it.

Plus you can stack these like bricks and make yarn forts.


  1. The navy blue is Plymouth baby alpaca...right? I've used that yarn before; it's so heavenly.

  2. Actually it's "Peruvia" or something, by Berroco...not nearly as soft, though still nice. I wish it was baby alpaca :-P

  3. Mmm. . . Yarn forts. . .
    I might be able to convince my roomie that I should have more stash if I build yarn forts. We could have yarn ball (okay, yarn cake) fights in them!

    This idea is so being told to the roommate.

  4. Is your new toy a cardboard tube (ala those found in the middle of toilet paper)?

    And if you're wondering what I'm talking about. Check this out.

    Tee hee! :)

  5. Haha, yeah I've used that method...but believe me, I wouldn't've been able to wind all those in one night :-P


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