Sunday, December 28, 2008


I have a handful of Christmas knitting to show you guys, but I'll handle that when I get back to Portland and on to my own computer. It was all very well received, and I am quite pleased :-) I'll have to show you the drop-dead amazing yarn that Travis gave me, as well. I got a handful of delightful crafty books, including Laura Irwin's book, Boutique Knits, which is lovely (I'm all about supporting local designers anyway - good karma, after all- but it ain't hard when they put out beautiful and innovative stuff like this.) It seems like everything I got this year was both wonderful and needed, and I couldn't be more pleased.

I'd like to say that I took lots of wonderful snowy Christmasy pictures to post, but I didn't. I baked a ton of tasty things and wrapped a bunch of pretty presents and took NO pictures. What is wrong with me? Dear, dear.

I am waiting to hear whether or not I'll be helping run a few knitting-related workshops during Paideia (ie, "special fun workshop time" at my college). I've got almost a month until school starts again, and all sorts of lofty plans surrounding recycled sweaters, food coloring, and thesis writing. Hooray! I also just applied for a job at an excellent LYS...cross your fingers for me. (Harder! Til they hurt!) Since I only have one class in addition to my thesis this semester (well, and PE) I actually have time for a super-part-time job and this would be so perfect I could explode.

Now I am going to go eat cookies and read knitting magazines. Holidays rock.


  1. I'm hoping to hear about our classes too! You'll know when I do. I'd really like to have an excuse to get back to PDX.

  2. Yeah, people have been wondering what's up, the schedule's usually set by now :-/


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