Monday, December 15, 2008

But he's so cute...

On the left, exhibit A: Rocky. My Dog.
On the right (on the couch arm), exhibit B: Socks that I am knitting.

If you would be so kind, please follow with your eyes the strand of yarn emerging from the socks, until you get to exhibit C, "Where the hell is my skein of Noro?"

Sigh. Seriously. EVERY time I get up, the very SECOND I get up, if I leave any trace of my knitting on the couch, he is ON it. Nevermind that he has a pillow that he sleeps on, on the other side, or that my knitting often has dpns poking out of it (and lets not even bring up the bed I made him that he ignores, or the towel he has stolen and keeps in the closet so that he has somewhere comfortable to wait while I'm in the shower.) I am getting better about putting everything on the arm of the couch, but sometimes I just want to grab a drink of water or something without rearranging everything.

Dogs are weird.

(Perhaps this picture more accurately reveals his true nature and intentions.)


  1. my cat has very similar sentiments about all my knitting .. thus, pretty much everything i create has cat hair delicately woven in somewhere. and yes, ironically, she will not touch the blankie i made for her. (hello cat, that is also knitting!) arrrrg

  2. The second picture of the pup is priceless! One of my precious pups also loves anything fibery. I once found him all wrapped up in a ball of yarn. Luckily it was a cheap one... I think some of this stuff has been soaked in meat juice before it is shipped to me.

    Yarn and pups! Can't beat it!



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