Sunday, November 30, 2008

Step 7 + Exciting stuff

Step 7 is to knit stuff for a long time until you use up all the yarn that is assigned to a project. You could've figured that out on your own.

More importantly, look!!!

My drum carder came! It was a Christmas present from my parents (and yes, it came already and yes I'm already playing with it. Blame Santa for dropping it off early. And by Santa, I mean the mailman who looks like he could be Santa, if Santa were a salty sea dog.)

Anyway... that's my first batt. I know it's a tad ugly, but the instructions said to run some scraps through first in case there's extra dust of some sort on it that will discolor your nice fiber. It's a nicer color in person, though.

One more:

I've already stabbed myself several times with the lickerin. It's awesome.

And two miscellaneous foodstuffs:

Pumpkin trifle from Thanksgiving

Tiniest clementine ever!

I swear I'm going to start taking better pictures of stuff. It's just hard when the sun goes down at 4 pm after spending all day behind rain clouds. Every day. Sigh. Oh Portland. (On the bright side it's almost December and it's like 53 degrees, so...)

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