Friday, November 28, 2008

Pictures of things!


My new coat! I've been looking for a cheap, nice wool peacoat for a long time and finally found one at Buffalo Exchange downtown, so I'm pumped. It obviously does not fit Delores very well...I fear she is a bit chunkier than I am, making her pretty useless for actual dress form purposes, but really I just wanted to hang scarves on her anyway, sooo...

My friend Aaron is staying with us (that's him on the right in the Thanksgiving picture.) This is my dog helping himself to Aaron's sleeping bag and pillow. He'll actually sleep with his head on the pillow and a blanket over him. It's awesome.

I am thisclose to being done with Christmas knitting (and on to Christmas blocking). Early, yeah, but the next few weeks are going to be a bit crazy so it's just as well. I've learned that I really, really like buying/making/finding presents. Unfortunately sheer enthusiasm does not help me come up with things to give my freakin' boyfriend, on whom's birthday next Friday I may or may not have used up all my good present ideas. Sigh.

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