Friday, October 3, 2008

On Employment + Housing

Arg! TWO Portland yarn stores are hiring right now, and I'm too busy writing a thesis to take advantage of it. Then I'll graduate, and it will be the beginning of summer, and if anything they'll be getting rid of employees.

Le sigh.

Anyway I've been meaning to put up pictures of the new apartment, so here goes:

That top blanket has now been sewn into a dog bed. To be honest, it was a tablecloth anyway, and a bit under queen size.

Clothes! Boot collection!

Artsy chair from the Bins. I live right by the Bins. Hellll yeah.

Pretty shower curtain, ooh la la.

Tiny pretend kitchen. Quite exclusively the boy's territory.

Sink! Desk!

Oddly sparse living room

Can you tell we may have hit up the ikea pretty hard?

My stupid desk is broken already. Also from the Bins, I guess no surprise there.

Well that was thrilling for everyone, I'm sure ;-) It is no longer that clean, I'm afraid. I'm a little backed up on things I wanted to post, so I'll start trying to get on that. Eek. In the meantime, have a lovely weekend, all.


  1. Beautiful site and patterns. I found you via Knitty and enjoyed looking through your archives. I don't usually comment on blogs, but I had to wish you luck on your thesis since I'm nearly certain you are at my alma matter (I graduated 2 years ago.) Try not to get too sucked into the library, take breaks when you need them, and I guarantee that the thesis parade makes it all worth it!

  2. Thanks :-) If I make it out without driving myself too crazy, I'll be in good shape. Yay for parades!

  3. ohh those are the cutest sheets? Where did you get them? My boyfriend and I have been searching but we can't find anything awesome in the sheet department :/

  4. I just love the dog! What a cutey! Love the site too and the patterns and inspiration but the dog just gets me.


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