Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hey look it's yarn, who'da thunkit?

REAL pictures from San Fran coming as soon as I edit them. But here's some stuff:

The fat blue stuff and the kidsilk haze is from a nice little store in Napa. The cones and foamy-cored stuff is from Artfibers in San Francisco... I hadn't been planning to stop there again but apparently they're closing up shop so I thought I ought to (they're still selling online, but I rather prefer buying stuff in person unless it's really cheap, you know?) The cool yellowy stuff (it's really more of a chartreuse) is from Urban Fauna, a shop run by some etsy sellers off on the edge of SF somewhere. It is tiny, and VERY awesome. Go check it out if you make it down that way. I also got this there:

And I am chomping at the bit to start spinning it, but NO TIME, DAMMIT. Sorry for the crappy pictures, by the way... someday I'm really going to start upping the quality but for now it's just snap-and-run. You get the idea.

I didn't mention it yet, but I convinced the guy who sleeps in my bed and cooks for me that he really, really wanted to learn to knit (again, he'd learned years ago but it didn't stick) while he was, well...let's just say "not in his right mind." And he's totally still doing it now that he's sobered up! Hooray! He claims he won't buy any of his own stash until mine is depleted, to which I replied that he better not get too attached to his new hobby, 'cause if it comes down to just the good stuff, he's not having any of it.

Of course, apparently it was ok for him to get this at Urban Fauna, since he made me pay for it:

(he buys me lots of meals, so it's ok.) Bwahaha. It starts...

Before I left for California, I also FINALLY found a dress form in the shape of Delores, here:

She's grungy, and sorta lumpy, and altogether perfect since I'll probably just prop scarves on her anyway.

Also... psssst: Look what came in the mail-

I CAN'T TELL YOU WHY IT'S A SECRET DON'T ASK but pretty cool eh?

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