Sunday, October 5, 2008

Gray, Gray, Gray

I'm working on getting a bunch of stuff into the shop in time for the holidays, but the Portland perma-drizzle has started for the season and the windows are just flat out refusing to give me enough natural light for good pictures. Grrr!! I had to haul off and finally order a new tripod (the cheapo one I bought a while ago can't hold the camera up without the legs collapsing. It was a wreck, and I've just been making Travis take the pictures for me.) Finally getting all these projects entered into Ravelry as well... I am so bad about keeping that up to date. I figure nobody's watching it too closely but me, but...y'know. It's nice to be organized.

The goods up today:

(If you want to get your hot little paws on any of them, mosey on over to

No patterns for any of these ones, at least for the moment. I do really like the way the pictures come out on that wall... most were just too dark. Hopefully the tripod will solve that problem. Ho Hum.

I really should think up some more insightful brilliance to blow you all away with, huh?

I'll work on it.

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