Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hey look it's yarn, who'da thunkit?

REAL pictures from San Fran coming as soon as I edit them. But here's some stuff:

The fat blue stuff and the kidsilk haze is from a nice little store in Napa. The cones and foamy-cored stuff is from Artfibers in San Francisco... I hadn't been planning to stop there again but apparently they're closing up shop so I thought I ought to (they're still selling online, but I rather prefer buying stuff in person unless it's really cheap, you know?) The cool yellowy stuff (it's really more of a chartreuse) is from Urban Fauna, a shop run by some etsy sellers off on the edge of SF somewhere. It is tiny, and VERY awesome. Go check it out if you make it down that way. I also got this there:

And I am chomping at the bit to start spinning it, but NO TIME, DAMMIT. Sorry for the crappy pictures, by the way... someday I'm really going to start upping the quality but for now it's just snap-and-run. You get the idea.

I didn't mention it yet, but I convinced the guy who sleeps in my bed and cooks for me that he really, really wanted to learn to knit (again, he'd learned years ago but it didn't stick) while he was, well...let's just say "not in his right mind." And he's totally still doing it now that he's sobered up! Hooray! He claims he won't buy any of his own stash until mine is depleted, to which I replied that he better not get too attached to his new hobby, 'cause if it comes down to just the good stuff, he's not having any of it.

Of course, apparently it was ok for him to get this at Urban Fauna, since he made me pay for it:

(he buys me lots of meals, so it's ok.) Bwahaha. It starts...

Before I left for California, I also FINALLY found a dress form in the shape of Delores, here:

She's grungy, and sorta lumpy, and altogether perfect since I'll probably just prop scarves on her anyway.

Also... psssst: Look what came in the mail-

I CAN'T TELL YOU WHY IT'S A SECRET DON'T ASK but pretty cool eh?

Monday, October 27, 2008

Indelible Skin Defacing Funtimes!

I got this a while ago but hadn't posted it yet since I hadn't gotten around to mentioning it to my mother, who for some reason gets awful cranky about these things, despite being a relatively laid back person in every other regard (for which we love her dearly- Hi mom!) But then she saw it anyway so... oh well.

It is a skein. If you are reading this blog, you probably figured that out, but my sister's response is "is that some kind of cinnamon twist?" so I figured I'd be clear about it. I like it very much. It is part homage to pure knitting geekery, part an unbreakable promise to myself not to work in a job where I can't either have a visible tattoo or wear my hair at least partially down (or both). I don't foresee that being much of a problem in Portland anyway, but still... it is a pretty safe bet that I'd be horribly unhappy in such a job, and I'd rather be poor than unhappy.

It also kind of looks like an infinity thingy, but the similarity is purely coincidental. I just didn't want to go to typical ball & needles route (I never use straight needles anyway, and yarn is always prettiest in the hank, says I. Plus, crappy yarns never come in hank form. So there. I am a snob, too damn bad.)

In other news, I just got back from Napa and San Francisco, and I will have lots of lovely things to show you just as soon as I get a moment to breathe. I am kind of sick today so I'm just puttering around trying to get my apartment/computer/life in order again- I find it extremely hard to work when everything is in disarray. Which is bad, since I'm extraordinarily messy. Onwards, to work!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Needle Holders

I totally forgot to post these when I finished them last month. Well. Here they are:

The sewn one is super easy, just a bunch of rectangles. The dpn holder is just a strip of cabled handspun...I should have made it longer, though. I seriously underestimated how many needles I inherited from my friend's mother. Yikes.

And to make up for that horrible picture, here's another artsy one:

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Guess who is probably going to be in Knitty again

I'll give you a hint, it's me.


In other, equally self-congratulatory news, I made a pretty scarf for my friend Max from what is possibly the awesomest pattern ever, in that it is absurdly simple and yet always end up so nice:

(I got a little carried away taking pictures, there are more on flickr.

This is the Noro Stripe Scarf" from BrooklynTweed. Only minor variations... I cast on several fewer stitches, and only used 3 skeins (it's quite big enough). I really wanted to find the colorways he used but they don't really seem to exist anymore. Oh well. I'm pretty happy with these...they're subtle, but that's probably good for Max. He better wear it. Also I hope he doesn't read this blog. I don't think he does.

I've got a lot more stuff in/soon to be in the shop, which I'll post a bit later. Don't want to, you know, overwhelm you dimly lit FO photos.

(FO photos = FOtos? No, I refuse in the name of proper English.)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

A few more for the shop

From handspun scrappy-crazy yarn.

This one actually sold already. New record! Woo!

My tripod finally showed up so hopefully I can find time to re-shoot some of the others soon. Time! I NEED TIME! And also energy. And some cereal. Grocery store time.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Gray, Gray, Gray

I'm working on getting a bunch of stuff into the shop in time for the holidays, but the Portland perma-drizzle has started for the season and the windows are just flat out refusing to give me enough natural light for good pictures. Grrr!! I had to haul off and finally order a new tripod (the cheapo one I bought a while ago can't hold the camera up without the legs collapsing. It was a wreck, and I've just been making Travis take the pictures for me.) Finally getting all these projects entered into Ravelry as well... I am so bad about keeping that up to date. I figure nobody's watching it too closely but me, but...y'know. It's nice to be organized.

The goods up today:

(If you want to get your hot little paws on any of them, mosey on over to presentsknits.etsy.com)

No patterns for any of these ones, at least for the moment. I do really like the way the pictures come out on that wall... most were just too dark. Hopefully the tripod will solve that problem. Ho Hum.

I really should think up some more insightful brilliance to blow you all away with, huh?

I'll work on it.

Friday, October 3, 2008

On Employment + Housing

Arg! TWO Portland yarn stores are hiring right now, and I'm too busy writing a thesis to take advantage of it. Then I'll graduate, and it will be the beginning of summer, and if anything they'll be getting rid of employees.

Le sigh.

Anyway I've been meaning to put up pictures of the new apartment, so here goes:

That top blanket has now been sewn into a dog bed. To be honest, it was a tablecloth anyway, and a bit under queen size.

Clothes! Boot collection!

Artsy chair from the Bins. I live right by the Bins. Hellll yeah.

Pretty shower curtain, ooh la la.

Tiny pretend kitchen. Quite exclusively the boy's territory.

Sink! Desk!

Oddly sparse living room

Can you tell we may have hit up the ikea pretty hard?

My stupid desk is broken already. Also from the Bins, I guess no surprise there.

Well that was thrilling for everyone, I'm sure ;-) It is no longer that clean, I'm afraid. I'm a little backed up on things I wanted to post, so I'll start trying to get on that. Eek. In the meantime, have a lovely weekend, all.

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