Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I can haz internet famous?

Ok, I know one pattern in Knitty (and likely not one of the super trendy popular ones, since they are silly and useless as all hell) does not qualify you for internet famous. But I'm still excited:

(Click the picture, yo)


  1. Hi,
    Great pattern on Knittyspin--really like it. Your blog is great too--full of content, well written and frankly quite hilarious. Ron is particularly funny.

    I don't know if you haz internet famous, but I've enjoyed the read anyway. Cheers, Lorraine from Spinners' Quarterly

  2. You can haz internet famous!

    I like your ankle things. If I didn't live in sweatpants, I'd make a pair. : )

  3. That was one of the first patterns I clicked on when browsing through Knitty! (maybe it says a lot about my like for "silly and useless as all hell" stuff :P)

    I really liked it - and then I saw who the designer was and it was like "no way!"

    I feel like I've become your stalker or biggest fan...hahaha...

  4. Thanks, all!

    And yay for "fans"! Haha.

    (Also, logan, don't tell anyone but I haven't worn them since I made them- I'm too much of a jeans girl. But someday I'll have an opportunity, I swear it.)

  5. Of course you're famous! Yours was the first pattern I looked at this morning, and I don't even spin. They're so pinkly pretty!

  6. i love your pattern! i'm going to knit a pair myself. =)

    but i WANT your SHOES! where are they from?

  7. Thanks everyone!

    knerd- they're from a resale shop actually...but the brand is "Classified", so perhaps that will help. Good luck!

  8. The pattern is awesome, a great idea for handspun. But I want your shoes. Effing sexy.

  9. I love these... OH to be in my twenties again... I would have those in many colors. Love them!


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