Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The yarns! They multiply!

It seems like no matter how good I am about not buying yarn, it finds its way to me. Not that I'm really complaining...I just end up spending my money on space bags instead so I can get the darn lovely stuff across the country ;-)

My friend Ty's mother does estate sales, and apparently has been saving up yarn, needles, and notions for me:

(please excuse the unattractive plastic bags...until they all have their moth-killing turn in the freezer, they've got to stay in quarantine.)

It's good stuff, too- lots of wool and alpaca, some silk blends, and so forth. Some of it's so old I can't even find info on it online (Berrocco Fleecy, anyone?) and some of it isn't labeled, but most is. The WIPs of the deceased that came with this haul were slightly eerie...I'm not sure if I should frog or what, you know? But hey, it's worth it.


So awesome.

And while by comparison its contribution is meager, my mother also bought me this super lovely locally raised/spun/dyed yarn from a gallery just north of here:

Dig that funky orange. I like local yarns, they make me feel all special and elite :-P

In other news... I've got another free pattern coming your way, probably tomorrow. It won't be useful for another 6 months (unless you live in the southern hemisphere) but hey, that's never stopped me before.

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