Tuesday, July 8, 2008

So Pretty

I'm trying not to buy any more yarn for a while, since I'm moving soon and I'm going to have to ship it, but I accidently came across a picture of this stuff online and had to buy a little.

The sunlight made the contrast a little wonky but you get the idea- it's gorgeous. It's Malabrigo's new silk/wool blend, in Indiecita. And believe it or not, those are the same dyelot... but it's alright, I'm striping them. As long as color consistency isn't a huge issue, I absolutely recommend this yarn. It is freakin' awesome. I got mine from Sandra Singh, which I also recommend - I seriously had a tracking number within an hour of ordering.

It was a good day for mail. I also got some free moo cards (I already have a bunch, but hey, why not) for getting a paid flickr account. Speaking of which:

Look! Flickr!

Neato! Now I can do things like this:


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