Friday, May 30, 2008


I have internet again, hooray! I've moved into the cabin for a summer and we've been waiting for the cable guy to make it out here. It's f'in freezing up here. I'm not okay with that. Not okay at all. We've been hauling plants in and out of the house to avoid frosts. What's the point of living by the beach if it's too cold to go there? Grar.

In any case, I started work at the inn, and that's been going alright so far. I'm still training and I'm pretty much terrified by the fact that they're going to leave me on my own after another shift or two... there is a ton to learn about the software and the inn itself and I'm not entirely sure it's stuck in there yet. The boy is starting work at a gelato place soon, and I'm pretty damn excited about the discount.

I'm aiming to make this summer as productive as possible, so I've actually been scheduling my creative activities. For example, one day I might work on this particular knitting project, the next, play with my sewing machine,

spin a particular chunk of wool the next day, read up on craft businesses the next.... I get kind of frustrated because there's so much I want to do, and I want to do it all at once. I have to learn to settle with plugging along at a reasonable pace :-P

In any case, I just put two patterns up on etsy and I'll post the links here as soon as Ravelry lets me post them there as well. I'm excited!

The dude got a juicer for graduation. Can we say freshly squeezed mimosas?

Also, check it out. I made the world's most misshapen batch of beignets with some Cafe Du Monde mix I found at the classy grocery store down town:

I took pictures of an especially deformed one, but they were blurry, and I ate it. So oh well. Just trust me, it looked like a work of modern art. These were surprisingly easy. I kind of like frying stuff in oil. Messy, though.

I'm thinking about shelling out for a full flickr account. Any opinions as to whether or not it's worth it?


  1. Hello, I just happened up on your blog by accident this morning by clicking through from Ravelry and thought I'd answer your question about a pro account on flickr. I have one and use it for backup of my photos after a traumatic hard drive failure that cost me over 1000 photos that can't be replaced. The pro account allows you to upload in large format suitable for making large prints if need be, lets you access them from anywhere, and gives me peace of mind that I'll not lose them, even in the event of a house fire. I know lots of people feel they have their cd backups if they have a computer failure, but haven't thought about the implications of storing those cds at home. Unless you are storing them offsite, you really have no backup in case of fire or other devasting loss of your home (flood, tornado, whatever). I have most of my family pictures protected and not for public view, so they are not shared by the whole flickr world. Ok, I guess I'll get off my soapbox now :~), as you can see this is something I feel strongly about, and no, I don't work for flickr nor am I associated in any way.

  2. I hadn't thought of that, but it's a good point. I lost a few thousand photos to a crap harddrive too, including a bunch of pictures from a huge cross country road trip :-( I've got time machine running now so everything is backed up, but it really killed my enthusiasm for photography. I can't think about it or I'm going to get sad again.

    But having them all online is not a bad idea. I probably will upgrade at some point, it's pretty cheap and it's a cool service to have.


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