Friday, May 2, 2008

Long Lost Spring Break Post Pt 1: New Orleans!

(Ok so I finally found this post & the related pictures and got them on my finally-fixed harddrive. Pretend it's two months ago, please. This one is actually pretty text-sparse anyway, as it turns out.)

So, the school I'm at for spring semester has a two-week spring break. Pretty awesome, eh? My mother had a conference to go to in New Orleans and wanted some company, so I agreed to go along. New Orleans is kinda...dingy. In a charming, voodoo, lots-of-history kind of way for the most part, though.

My mom's company put us up in the Ritz, but it was kind of a half-assed Ritz where everything was too expensive and not quite fancy enough to warrant it. In any case, it WAS fancy enough to have a phone in the toilet booth thing. Conduct business while you're doing your business!

I of course had to stop at the Quarter Stitch and take a crappy picture of the sign:

Very friendly :-) And they wrap your purchase up all pretty-like!

And then there's the Bourbon St general area:

I believe that says "World Famous Love Acts" but I could be wrong.

And some random haunted something or other, from the ghost tour (yes, I went on a cheesy tour, so sue me. I was told I had to, and it was pretty interesting.)

And then for some reason we went to the aquarium. Probably because I'm somewhere around the mental age of 8.

JELLIES! I LOVE JELLIES! I am always trying to take gorgeous, National-Geographic-esque pictures in aquariums and it doesn't really work out. You know?

And here, we've got the legendary white alligator. Nobody believed the swamp-billies raving about them until someone finally hauled a few in.


And of course, the number 2 reason to come to New Orleans (with number 1 being the Palace Cafe's white chocolate bread pudding (trust me) and 3, 4, and 5 being booze, boobs & voodoo):



  1. Oh, beignets. That's just not fair.

    The Quarter Stitch is lovely, I visited it on my last trip to NO and seeing the way they were wrapping the yarn made me want to buy more yarn. And should you ever get to the Crescent City again, you should stop by the Audubon Zoo. It's pretty fantastic.

  2. Yeah, I heard good things but there was only so much time! I'm sure I'll be back for more of that bread pudding though, eventually :-)

    And beignets, if I don't find a good pot to make them in sometime soon....


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