Monday, May 5, 2008

BYOM # 1: Amelia Earhart Aviator

The first project (besides some too-boring-to-post-about swatches) for my self-designed master's program. Neat! At first I was a little "eh" about this hat but it's growing on me. I made it with size 7 needles instead of size 8 because I have a small head and the yarn (knitpicks Ambrosia) is a little drapey anyway, but it's still pretty big. The color is kind of weird. I'm debating putting dangly things on the pointy bits (that's some technical jargon there). There's also a pointy bit at the top but it might leave once I block it (the sinks in this dorm are less than delightful sometimes so blocking has become a bit of a hassle. I'm so close to moving out that I figured I might as well wait.)

What are my arms doing?

Sorry about the mediocre pictures, I used my iphone because I wanted to wear the hat but realized I should take a few shots of it before I go and mess it up, so I just had the boyfriend snap a few on our way to dinner.

Of course one of the risks of doing that kind of thing is that sometimes, the iphone just decides to fuck the picture all up:

It's kind of know.

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  1. i love this hat! and it's not a style i would automatically gravitate toward but it's cute and sophisticated at the same time.


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