Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Booyah Achieved

I finally got around to checking out the kind-of-local yarn store and I am quite pleased that I made the time. I'm leaving Ohio in a week or so, so it was kind of my last chance, and even though the last thing I need is more yarn I couldn't just leave without ever going to it. Besides, I needed a needle sizer and a size 6 circular. Yes, NEEDED.

I was puttering around, hemming and hawwing over a couple different things I didn't need, when I came upon a mysterious basket of unmarked, unpriced yarn that appeared to be hand-dyed, of all different textures and what not. At first I thought it might be handspun, since it's a spinning shop too, but then some of it looked suspiciously like Berrocco ...
Anyway, I asked about the price and was told $4 a skein, at which I dropped the stuff I was carrying and started making a pile of the mystery yarn.

While I was checking out I asked the shop owner if she knew what the fiber content was and the she told me that it was all commercial yarn (Lavold Silky Wool, Lamb's Pride Worsted, and Debbie Bliss Cotton Angora) that had been the subject of an in store dyeing experiment. Which means, basically, that I got a bunch of yarn for half off AND a free hand-dye-job. (Teehee, handjob.)

I also found the exact size of Addi I needed for $6 in a closeout basket, since she'd decided not to sell the Naturas anymore. I like the Naturas. In retrospect I should've bought up more of them, but the rest were really tiny sizes and I'm a little wary of bamboo size 1's & 2's (though I guess I have bamboo dpns that size, so really I'm dumb, and should have bought them. Oh well.)

Also, look, a whale! Whales have a lot to do with needle sizers, in case you didn't know.

Then on the way home I saw a tiny baby foal frolicking through a meadow. So it was a pretty good day ;-)

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