Sunday, January 20, 2008

Super Easy Super Pretty Neckwarmer

This pattern is temporarily unavailable while it is revamped

I seriously use this thing almost every day, now that it's cold. I love the crap out of it. Unfortunately I made it from some random Italian cashmere that my mother brought back from her vacation... so I can't tell you what yarn is best to use. Just pick something DK weight and soft as all hell (may I recommend cashmere? 'Cause you're worth it.)

Want to add this to your Ravelry queue? Here ya go!


  1. i've got it queued in ravelry...thanks for sharing this pattern. i've been looking for something simple and quick to make for myself. i sit right under a vent at work and feel the cold air on the back of my neck. this will be just perfect. :)

  2. Nice one! Thank you for sharing your pattern. I am looking forward to trying it out :)

  3. thanks for sharing the pattern!
    i especially like the button!


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