Thursday, July 26, 2007

Mr. Peen!

Hopefully I'll be putting together a pattern for this little guy in a bit, and I'll update then. There were some things I wanted to tweak a little... (get your mind out of the gutter.)

This little dude was whipped up rather quick-like as a gift for a friend overseas. I'm pretty much the best friend ever.

And because he looked so cold and naked (and because I've got a lot of crappy handspun to use up) I made him a little hat & scarf.

UPDATE: Sort of pattern kind of here:


  1. Clothes really DO make the person.
    What a change in personality!

    Have you put together the pattern for Mr. Peen yet? I would sooo much not like to have to try to come up with one myself!

    Pattern please,

  2. I'm going to a bachorlette party tonight and would love to bring this little guy you have a pattern you could email to me?

  3. I just updated with a link to the closest thing I've got to a pattern.

  4. oh I love this! top shelf... and the little hat is hilarious :D


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