Monday, May 14, 2007

Salad Wristers*

This pattern is temporarily unavailable while it is revamped. 

I love this yarn, it's really silky (I thought it was pure silk while I was knitting with it, but I'm wrong) and pretty.

They look neat under other things.

Close up of the "lace" detail...if you can call it that.


  1. these look great! I just found my way over from :) Thanks for writing up the pattern and sharing with us all... may just have to give these a shot after the summer ;P

  2. Hi!
    I don't want to sound too-too enthusiastic, however I do appreciate you for sharing this pattern...particularly the lacey ruffle trim. That is a pretty edging for many items. I plan to use it. Thanks!


  3. I have been attempting these (I'm not an advanced knitter) but can't seem to get the ruffle right. It just keeps coming out like it's just garter stitched. ??? Can you tell me anything extra I should know about the yarn overs? I really want to make these, as I have the perfect yarn (and coat) to wear them with! Help!

  4. I just found this through Ravelry. Very cool. Thank you for posting. I have it in my Ravelry Queue to make very soon! Fun!

  5. Hello---I just bought two new yarns for these wristers---I already knit it in russet...and they are GORGEOUS! After these two gifts, I might get some myself. Thank you for this pattern!

  6. Gorgeous gift for my favorite big sister! Just got new yarn for 2 more pair....can't wait to get started....Thank you for this pattern---the BEST!


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